Four steps to Focus better and Win your day

For a maker, the ability to Focus is one of the most important assets even over their technical skills. Cal Newport in his book ‘Deep Work‘ predicts that Focus will be a competitive advantage for the makers. In this post let us examine some Do’s and Don’ts to achieve better focus and thereby better success.

Sandra Bond Chapman, founder and chief director of the Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas, suggests things that we can do in our every day life to focus better.

Stop Multitasking

When we multi task, what we are actually doing is switching tasks. As in a production run, even in our head, there is a cost to switching from one task to another. There are certain tasks that are conducive to multitasking, and some that are not.

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Live rich, feel rich, today, right now!

In his book Automatic Wealth, author Michael Masterson (aka Mark Ford) keeps re-iterating the difference between having a lot of money in your bank account and living rich. I was skeptical when I first read the title of the topic. How can someone live rich without having piles of money in his/her bank account? As I read the topic further and further, it became more and more convincing. After reading the last few words from this compelling section of this must-read book, I had a big smile on my face and an invigorating thought, “YES. I can live rich TODAY and RIGHT NOW.” Continue reading Live rich, feel rich, today, right now!

How do you react to failure?

You are driving through a busy street in a city and now you need to park your vehicle. You find a spot that’s perfect to parallel-park your car. So finally, your tiring drive can end. But while backing your car into the spot, you graze your car’s rear into a light pole. This is the side of the car to which you are blind-sided and can’t see all the way, but can only use judgement. There is an ugly scratch and a dent. After a few more twists and turns, you finally park the car properly. But you have the dent and the scratch to contend with. To put it subtly, your parking attempt was a failure. You can take this failure either as a loser or as a person who looks at it as something learnt. Continue reading How do you react to failure?

It’s My Fault !!

Child’s Play

Ananya, my friend’s four year old daughter was caught throwing away her socks and when questioned why she did so, she quickly blamed it on her sister who had left for school at least three hours earlier. This was how I too was as a Kid, and am afraid as an adult too for a very long time. I fall into this habit even now a number of times if I don’t catch myself in the act.


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Why we should celebrate ?

The Way Mind Works

We all remember the moments we had missed a bus/train/flight by a whisker, missed the top college by quarter of a mark in cut off, the stock that we failed to buy/sell in time, the girl you did not ask out but were interested in and that is how the mind works. I am not sure if it is quest for improvement, or just plain negativity, there is always a lot of focus on things that were missed. The dominant feeling in this case is pain and it’s deep.

Celebrating Life
I Celebrate Me

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Gamify your Life

We all have chores that we hate to do, even in jobs that we love. Sales people who hate to file reports, Finance guys who hate to speak to people,  Runners who hate to wake up early in the morning, Kids who hate to eat are more of rules than exceptions. What can we do that can bring joy or atleast make these tasks bearable enough to get them done. Answer lies in ‘Gamification‘.

Gamification – Defined:

Gamification is a great way to have fun while doing a mundane task or motivate others to do such mundane tasks. A good game is one that contains as many as 3 or 4 of the below features:

  1. A measurable time bound activity
  2. Clear Outcomes
  3. Peer Group Involvement
  4. Rewards

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21 days of ‘No Junk Food’ Challenge

It is said ‘We are what we Eat’. So with the intention of correcting some deep rooted food habits and to examine the possibility of eating healthy on a consistent basis with less or no junk food, I recently went on a ‘No Junk Food’ Challenge for 21 days.

Junk Food:

The definition of ‘Junk Food’ in this case included :

1)No Carbonated Drinks
2)No Ice cream
3)No Chocolates
4)No Deep fried foods
5)No processed cheese

6)No desserts 
with refined sugar/processed flour

No Junk Food
No Junk Food




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How to invest 30 days in yourself

Free time, drool! That wonderful chunk of time when we can do ANYTHING we want. Importantly, it as also the time when we DO NOT have to do what someone else expects us to do. But wait! We may not be doing what others require us to do. But are we really spending it on ourselves? Well, sadly we are giving up our free time not by working for someone else, but by following someone else’s story too deeply instead of our own, even if their story isn’t inspiring or important to our own progress. Continue reading How to invest 30 days in yourself