21 days of ‘No Junk Food’ Challenge

It is said ‘We are what we Eat’. So with the intention of correcting some deep rooted food habits and to examine the possibility of eating healthy on a consistent basis with less or no junk food, I recently went on a ‘No Junk Food’ Challenge for 21 days.

Junk Food:

The definition of ‘Junk Food’ in this case included :

1)No Carbonated Drinks
2)No Ice cream
3)No Chocolates
4)No Deep fried foods
5)No processed cheese

6)No desserts 
with refined sugar/processed flour

No Junk Food
No Junk Food




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How to invest 30 days in yourself

Free time, drool! That wonderful chunk of time when we can do ANYTHING we want. Importantly, it as also the time when we DO NOT have to do what someone else expects us to do. But wait! We may not be doing what others require us to do. But are we really spending it on ourselves? Well, sadly we are giving up our free time not by working for someone else, but by following someone else’s story too deeply instead of our own, even if their story isn’t inspiring or important to our own progress. Continue reading How to invest 30 days in yourself

In pursuit of passion through his lens – Karthik Rajagopal

The dream that everyone dreams:

We all know or probably are people who live two lives – one at their desk job hating what they do and wishing they were somewhere else and the second in the weekend – running, writing, climbing, travelling, taking pictures and hoping that the weekend never ends. Many have a hobby that they would love to pursue professionally; some of them are even extremely good at their craft. But 99% of these people continue to live this dual life until they retire or die, preferring the certainty of a paycheck over the perks of the unknown and unpredictable. Continue reading In pursuit of passion through his lens – Karthik Rajagopal