Hero’s Journey

We are living is not about the two of us. It is about you.

Hero's Journey
Hero’s Journey

Every Hero who followed his/her dream and took the path less traveled had put tremendous amount of effort, even when success was not assured, mind was filled with doubts, path filled with setbacks and there by became a Success and a Hero. These Heroes have given everyone else around them permission to dream and to do what they had dare not dreamed until then.

We have been immensely benefited my knowing some of them in our lives. We take the opportunity to bring to you the stories of some people who have inspired us, with the hope they inspire you to take action and do the one thing that you had always dreamed off, be it start a business, backpack to Europe, Walk the Silk Route, climb the Everest, Travel full time, Pick up the paint brush, Write a Song, Book or even a Blog.

No one featured here are better than you are. They are not special people from a privileged genes and family. They are ordinary people who have put extraordinary amount of efforts to get to where they have reached today.They may have done great things, but they have worked hard to get that privilege.

Become the person you are meant to be. Give yourself the permission to live your Hero’s Journey.

Here are some of our featured heroes.

How to travel the world in a Bicycle at under $10 a day with JKB

Two and a half years back, Jonathan @ JKB set out in his bicycle from his home in London to meet his mom in Denmark. He has since cycled across 4 continents and ___ countries on his bicycle. Before the journey,he had never cycled more than 10 Km at a time. He truly set off with no experience or even a plan and has literally come miles together. He travelled across Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and is currently pushing his pedals somewhere in USA. I had been closely following his FB page and blog for a while.

JKB’s blog has a wealth of information for any novice biker aspiring to prepare for a long distance cycling trip. It immensely helped me in planning my recent 405 Km bicycle trip where inspired by JKB, Hari (my husband) and I biked and camped on our way. JKB’s humble beginning and story gave me a lot of confidence that anyone can do this. But how? I had a million silly and not so silly questions and he generously responded to all of them.

Continue reading How to travel the world in a Bicycle at under $10 a day with JKB

In pursuit of passion through his lens – Karthik Rajagopal

The dream that everyone dreams:

We all know or probably are people who live two lives – one at their desk job hating what they do and wishing they were somewhere else and the second in the weekend – running, writing, climbing, travelling, taking pictures and hoping that the weekend never ends. Many have a hobby that they would love to pursue professionally; some of them are even extremely good at their craft. But 99% of these people continue to live this dual life until they retire or die, preferring the certainty of a paycheck over the perks of the unknown and unpredictable. Continue reading In pursuit of passion through his lens – Karthik Rajagopal

Journey to the Everest – Naresh Raju

Lure of the Everest:

Mount Everest has captured the imagination of adventurers for over a century. Summiting the Mount Everest is the highest glory a mountaineer could dream of. A quest so great that only the bravest of the mountaineers dare to pursue knowing that the risks are great and the return is uncertain. The risk and uncertainty lures the adrenaline junkies of a unique kind.   Continue reading Journey to the Everest – Naresh Raju

10 year old Author Ananya and her ‘9 Chocolatey Bites’

The search query ‘How to make my 10 year old read’ has about 20 crore search results in Google, it is apparently one of the biggest problems faced by today’s parents. So I was thrilled to meet Ananya, a 10 year old published author.

There were many things I wanted to do and be when I was a 10 year old including being an astronaut, teacher and doctor, all at the same time, however publishing a book wasn’t one thing that had crossed my mind then. Even today the task is so mind boggling, that I never get around and even start it.

Ananya has published her first book ‘ 9 Chocolatey Bites‘ – A collection of short stories which is now available in Amazon.com, Amazon.in, Kindle, Flipkart Google Play books and in stores near you like Odyssey. A commendable feat at any age. Continue reading 10 year old Author Ananya and her ‘9 Chocolatey Bites’

The Extra in the Extra-Ordinary !!

What makes someone an Extra- Ordinary Athlete (Usain Bolt), an Extra-Ordinary Inventor (Edison), an Extra-Ordinary Doctor (Atul Gawande), Extra-Ordinary Actor (Kamal Haasan) or an Extra-Ordinary Minister (Sushma Swaraj) ? Is this the privilege of some professions and professionals or can any one be Extra-Ordinary in any work. Continue reading The Extra in the Extra-Ordinary !!

Born to Run: Ultra Marathoner Yogesh

Varadan Yogeshwaran @ Yogesh is a good friend and colleague of mine where we were part of the same ToastMaster club. Another common passion we shared was running, but I quickly realized Yogesh was a different league of a runner than my dilettante of  half-marathons. He was then running Full Marathon and 50KM runs at the drop of a hat and was practicing for his first 100Km run, which he later completed successfully. Yogesh truly ran an extra mile in everything from work to play and everything in between. Yogesh was running 100 Km, leading a critical project at work, championed corporate safety initiatives, headed an active toastmaster club all at the same time and remained grounded and humble after all of that.

His story is a great example of what can be accomplished by doing the right things consistently. Here is a snippet of our discussion for your reading pleasure. Continue reading Born to Run: Ultra Marathoner Yogesh

Why M.S.Subbulakshmi was the most Iconic Carnatic Singer ever?

Year 2016, will be the centenary year of this Music Legend, a time to look back and see what made M.S, the Iconic Legend that she is.

Nehru on M.S Subbulakshmi
Nehru on M.S Subbulakshmi

In South, it is very uncommon to have any pictures in the wall, even of the families themselves. No wedding pics, no pictures of children. The only pictures that ever adorned the walls were that of Gods, Dead Great Grandparents and that of M.S.Subbulakshmi fondly called as M.S. I remember going to a friend’s place where every wall had a picture of M.S, every album ever released of M.S.Subulakshmi was in their music collection in every conceivable form of audio recording that had existed till then from Gramaphone records, audio Cassettes, Compact Discs and Mp3.

Continue reading Why M.S.Subbulakshmi was the most Iconic Carnatic Singer ever?

Traveller and Solo Back Packer – Anee Verma

Anee is  a dear friend from my mountaineering days. I remember seeing her sit up all night due to the altitude related insomnia, but never once missed a single day of training. She was an incredible leader for her team (Rope) and a great support to all of us. She went on to do more wonderful stuff in life, that continues to inspire me and hope it is to you too. Continue reading Traveller and Solo Back Packer – Anee Verma