My tryst with Astrology

Priya, my wife, often talks about a sparsely, but meticulously practised branch of astrology named ‘Naadi Josiyam’ (Naadi Astrology), practiced in Tamil Nadu. She and her mother had found peace in the past after visiting and consulting a genuine practictioner of Naadi astrology. Astrology is complicated science. Much of what we know about astrology is fake and hearsay. In reality, it takes a really knowledgeable and skilled practitioner to make reasonably good predictions. Most of these predictions really materialise. Still, I don’t believe in astrology. But after Priya told me multiple stories about Naadi Josiyam, I wanted the practice tried on me. I wanted to keep an open mind and look at the process as a science. Continue reading My tryst with Astrology

It’s My Fault !!

Child’s Play

Ananya, my friend’s four year old daughter was caught throwing away her socks and when questioned why she did so, she quickly blamed it on her sister who had left for school at least three hours earlier. This was how I too was as a Kid, and am afraid as an adult too for a very long time. I fall into this habit even now a number of times if I don’t catch myself in the act.


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