Choose your Words, Choose your life

I had just boarded my flight, tucked my bag under the seat and messaged my parents.

“We managed to board the flight”


Boarding My Flight
Boarding My Flight

Unlike most of my trip to airports, this time, since I was accompanied by Hari, my meticulously methodical husband, I had reached well in time and checked in.

Although I have hardly missed flights, I only manage to catch them most of the times. I am counting on the traffic, my charm and the gullibility of the counter staff. I am often the last set of people to board a flight.

Sometimes I have had to take costly print outs at airport, convince flight attendant that I can board since I have no check in luggage, that I know someone in their airlines etc to manage to catch that flight.

But, today, we were well in time. We boarded without having to appeal any ones altruistic nature. But I still wrote

‘We MANAGED to board the flight’

Choose your Words
Choose your Words

This is why I have always been late to the airports. My actions probably decided my words earlier. But my words have taken over my behaviour and my results long ago. Yet I had not even realised it.

‘Do you MANAGE to pass your exams?’ or ‘Do you pass?’

‘Do you MANAGE to be in time for office/meeting’ or ‘Do you come in time?’

‘Did you MANAGE to complete your 10K run?’ or ‘Did you run 10 K?’

‘Did you MANAGE to get the contract?’ or ‘Did you win the contract?’

Instead of managing our choice of words, Let us choose to manage them better.

I erased and wrote again,

‘We boarded the flight. See you soon :)’

What word cruxes that you use have been determining your actions and results? Looking forward to learn from you !!

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2 thoughts on “Choose your Words, Choose your life”

  1. Our words indeed affect our actions and even our muscles. Another example that I hear during treks are, “I am exhausted and can’t go on anymore!”, instead of, “Phew, that was tough and my body needed to work hard. Let’s rest awhile to get my breath back to normal and continue to higher heights to enjoy more beautiful views!”
    Guess who is able to take control of their tiredness better!

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