How to Learn just about Anything? – Part I – Acquiring Knowledge

Schools, the hub of education has taught us what to learn. But has surprisingly never taught us ‘how to learn’. So often kids with different learning requirements are labelled ‘slow’ than find compatible teaching methods. No wonder Einstein, Edison, Graham Bell were all labelled ‘learning challenged’.

Process of Learning - JK Quote
Process of Learning

So how do we go about learning.  I’d like to broadly divide into acquiring knowledge i.e on subjects of chemistry, philosophy, investing etc and acquiring a skill. In Part 1. let us focus on acquiring knowledge. Continue reading How to Learn just about Anything? – Part I – Acquiring Knowledge

How do you react to failure?

You are driving through a busy street in a city and now you need to park your vehicle. You find a spot that’s perfect to parallel-park your car. So finally, your tiring drive can end. But while backing your car into the spot, you graze your car’s rear into a light pole. This is the side of the car to which you are blind-sided and can’t see all the way, but can only use judgement. There is an ugly scratch and a dent. After a few more twists and turns, you finally park the car properly. But you have the dent and the scratch to contend with. To put it subtly, your parking attempt was a failure. You can take this failure either as a loser or as a person who looks at it as something learnt. Continue reading How do you react to failure?