How to remember what you read?

We read that “Great Leaders are Great readers.” So we set up new year resolutions that say “I will read at least 10/20/50 books this year“.  Some of us even get to that number, but often we look back and can’t seem to remember any ideas from a book we really enjoyed reading and thought was great.

Most productivity Guru’s can’t list the ‘seven habits’ from the cult book, ‘Seven habits of highly effective people’ although they have read it several times and even train others on them. So how do we ensure that we not just read a book, but actually remember what is in it and make an impact in our life.

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How Elon Musk learnt Rocket Science ?

My Childhood Friends

I have been a voracious reader of books from when I was young. I grew up with the Famous Five and Hardy Boys, matured with Nancy Drew and Perry Mason, spent court rooms with John Grisham, flirted with Sidney Sheldon and explored unknown worlds with Michael Crichton. Now I read mostly non fiction.

My Mentors

Through Books, I have learnt from coaches like Anthony Robbins, Zig ziglar, Business Tycoons like Sir Richard Branson, Akio Morito thought leaders like Dr.Atul Gawande, Tim Ferris, Journalists like Malcom Gladwell, Charles Duhigg and many more.

One idea that kept haunting me through many of these self development literature is that “Leaders are Readers.”I always thought ‘wow, that’s a nice thought’ and nothing more about it. Continue reading How Elon Musk learnt Rocket Science ?