If I fail..

A friendly conversation,

B: ‘Exam is in a week, why don’t you put more efforts into study. You know this exam is difficult is to crack’
A: ‘Well, that’s exactly why. It’s difficult to crack and I probably won’t. If I put in as much efforts as you do, I’d feel terrible about having failed. Now that I’m cool about it, I wouldn’t feel as bad when I fail’
B: hmmm…

If I fail
If I fail

A:’So you tell me, why are you putting in so much efforts in a exam where you have less than 2% of cracking it’
B: ‘Well, I want to put in my best efforts into this, my 100%. I don’t want my lack of efforts to be the reason why I failed, if I fail. So that if that happens I can quit in peace without feeling bad about it.’

Both turned to another friend.

A: ‘Hey C, Why do you put so much effort into preparation for something you have so little chances to succeed’
B: ‘And what if you failed?’

But what if I fail? You will. A better question might be, ‘after I fail, what then?’ If you’ve chosen well, after you fail you will be one step closer to succeeding, you will be wiser and stronger and you almost certainly will be more respected by all of those that are afraid to try. - Seth Godin

C: ‘I love the challenge when its tough and chances for failure are high. If I fail, I will look at what went wrong, take that as a feedback and do better the next time around to ensure I succeed’
B: ‘And if you don’t next time as well?’
C: ‘I will try again, until I succeed. Because this is important to me’

Which one are you ?

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  1. Person C is so right. Results are important, but you have to love what you are doing and not do something just for a favourable result. C may not pass the exam either, but consider the things she has learnt with the studies. If not in the exams, she can use those skills to build something for herself. After all, not all business owners are CAs, doctors, rocket scientists or MBAs. Are they?

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