Excusitis and how we sabotage ourselves ??!! [Short Story]

Sapna is the daughter of a well known business man and works in a top notch IT company. Her family is very modern and she faced no restrictions or compulsions aka emotional atyachars that most Indian kids face at their home.

Two months before her 10th Board exams she went on a month long trip to explore the history of ancient India with some history buffs. Her sister went to the farms in Switzerland to learn to make cheese and in general travels to obscure locations in exotic countries for no particular reason. Her family often vacations in exotic places inside and outside India.

Whats your Excuse?
Whats your Excuse?

Sapna loves to travel too. And she loves adventure. She is an independent women who drove around her Dad’s Luxury Sedan and shops in the finest malls. Sapna was placed in the IT company from her college campus placements and decided to take it up. While particularly not liking her job, she was not for keen on taking over her Father’s business too. Sapna wanted to travel the world, Turkey, Istanbul and other less explored places. She wanted to explore the hidden gems of north east India as well. Sapna wished some day she could do it.

I envied Sapna. She was rich, she could be anywhere and do anything she wants to. No pressures on her to follow a conventional career. Her parents are supportive. Not like mine…with whom I have to fight to go anywhere or do anything…How I wish !!!

She grew increasingly unhappy with her job, constantly bickering about it. Her father told her ‘I don’t know why you are holding on to the job, you don’t even love. Quit your job. Go backpack to Europe like your sister did’.

Overachieving sisters are always such a pain in life.

Excuses or Results
Excuses or Results

Sapna had no excuse not to do that now. She really wished she could. All her friends wanted to do such crazy trips too, but no one did that, they all said their parents/ society would not let them do it. Alas, Sapna had no excuse. Her father is asking her to go and neither her nor her parents don’t care for societal norms.

Alas, Sapna had no excuse not to go.


Sapna found an excuse. She soon developed a Psychosomatic back pain that will not let her travel far and long, and sometimes even short distances. She needed constant attention and treatment.

Sapna felt miserable about the pain , but then finally she had a reason to not able to do what she wanted to, she had an excuse and for that she was secretly happy.

Sapna’s father now told her ‘I know you can’t travel now. Why don’t you quit your job and stay at home. That way your treatment will be quicker. I still don’t understand why you are clinging on to the job. What do you need that Job or Salary for?’

Sapna’s father was right. She lived in her parent’s home and had no major expense for herself and she was comfortably provided for in life. She thought deeply ‘What do I need the job for ?’

She didn’t know what to say. ¬†She had no excuse. So she went out and bought a new car although there were already two cars at her disposal. Now she has the car EMI to pay and that is a reason to hold on to job, at least for the next 3-5 years till the loan is paid off.

I asked her ‘Why do you do this to yourself…Every time you had the perfect opportunity to do what you always wanted to do..why do you sabotage it yourself’

She looked at me and said:

‘I wish…
I wish like you and everyone else I could just wish and hope, but never do it and keep the dream living. That I could use my parents, society, financial circumstances and project manager as an excuse for not doing what I want to do.

I wish my dad would stop daring me to face my fears.

Chasing a dream, involves much risk and discomfort. I only wish to wish, but not to do. I only wish I had an excuse like you’

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  1. Chasing your dreams also involves hard work too. That drives people not to chase and find excuses

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