Stay fit for travel, stay fit while travelling

Hello friends, it has been so long since I penned a blog post here. To reveal the cause of my  lapse, Priya (my wife) and I are on a one year trip around India. We started in April and were in the remote Himalayas where we had some blogging habit killers. First, the Internet connection was extremely poor, even non-existent for long periods. Second, with our commuting and sight-seeing, we ended everyday with fatigue and a lack of motivation to do anything further except crashing to our beds. Third, a habit once lost for too many days in a row is momentum lost and the sheer inertia against having to work to restart the habit has been getting in our way. We hope to get back on track soon.

However the one thing that neither of us lost is the hunger to keep travelling. This hunger has been fuelled and aided by a very important factor which never flagged unlike our blogging habit. Our supreme FITNESS. Continue reading Stay fit for travel, stay fit while travelling