Hero’s Journey

We are living is not about the two of us. It is about you.

Hero's Journey
Hero’s Journey

Every Hero who followed his/her dream and took the path less traveled had put tremendous amount of effort, even when success was not assured, mind was filled with doubts, path filled with setbacks and there by became a Success and a Hero. These Heroes have given everyone else around them permission to dream and to do what they had dare not dreamed until then.

We have been immensely benefited my knowing some of them in our lives. We take the opportunity to bring to you the stories of some people who have inspired us, with the hope they inspire you to take action and do the one thing that you had always dreamed off, be it start a business, backpack to Europe, Walk the Silk Route, climb the Everest, Travel full time, Pick up the paint brush, Write a Song, Book or even a Blog.

No one featured here are better than you are. They are not special people from a privileged genes and family. They are ordinary people who have put extraordinary amount of efforts to get to where they have reached today.They may have done great things, but they have worked hard to get that privilege.

Become the person you are meant to be. Give yourself the permission to live your Hero’s Journey.

Here are some of our featured heroes.


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