About Us

We are Hari and Priya.

We are an adventurous and fun loving married couple (now doesn’t that sound like an oxymoron to you). We have been married since April 2015.

Hari quit his job in the November of 2015 and entered the world of software freelancing full time, after having used it as a side gig for 3 months. Priya soon followed and quit her well paying job from a top software company in the April of 2017 and started dabbling with several things.

We love our travels, adventure and are hungry for new things to learn and do all the time. We are currently out fulfilling our dreams of travelling our beloved India. You can follow our journey on our Facebook Page.

‘We Are The Living’ is our version of ‘Our Experiments with Life’. We are learning from our mistakes as well as from others and we share our learning here.

Thank you for stopping by to check us out. We are honoured. We would love to here from you. You can write to us at frontdesk@wearetheliving.com. We will respond as and when our time and internet permits.

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Until next time,
To your Happiness,
Hari & Priya