Why blog my musings?

Let’s ponder over this question for a moment. When do we consider ourselves learned? Is it when we finish our kindergarten and primary school and can count towards literacy? Is it during secondary school when we can fluently master at least one language, thus speaking, reading & writing in it with no effort? Is it when we finish schooling? Or is it when we get our degree? Or some job experience?

My next question would be – can we ever be fully learned? I have the feeling that we have something to learn everyday at every moment. Every new task that we do, every habit we practice, every place we see and every person that we meet teaches us something. We are the sum of what we have continuously learned upto this moment.

It also goes without saying that learning is seldom by oneself. We always learn from a source. We learn from teachers, friends, parents, siblings, spouse and even strangers. In fact more so from strangers through random conversations, blogs, meetups, forums and many such sources.

One of the effects of learning is that we can attempt to make our lives and our world better. When we share what we learn, many have the opportunity to use those learnings and change their lives.

‘My Daily Musings’ is my attempt to journal whatever I learn and share it with you, the reader. The learnings may be tiny or be really profound, but it will be something that I found really useful in my life and feel that you will find useful too. Importantly, it is also my own repository to look back at a life full of continuous learning.

Occasionally I will also blog about some moments that make me happy and make me feel a sense of accomplishments, since we can look back at those accomplishments and feel that we applied what we learnt all along and found success.

I hope that you, the reader, finds this blog to be an interesting read andĀ give me feedback and also share your own stories. May we all learn something from each other and make our lives better.